Monday, May 2, 2016

Begin portfolio!

Today you will start designing your portfolio!

1. To start, go into your blog and mark all your entries as "revert to draft". That saves them, but takes them off your main page.  Clicking the button on the left below, then revert to draft will do it for all of them.
2. Clear the Journal page and delete it.
3. Create pages for all the things listed below--should be 6. Remember, after you create the pages, you must go into Layout/Pages to make them show up.

To be included in your portfolio:
1.  Your home page should have a picture of you, a good title, some information about you, and a famous quote about writing (make sure to cite who said it.) This is 25 points.
2.  Include tabs at the top on the following. Chapters can go in any order.
  •     Poetry--25 points, includes 5 poems, labeled
    • poems were on 1/11,1/25, 2/1, 2/22, 2/29, 3/28, 4/25
  •     Superhero-25 points, contains your superhero piece 
  •     Short story--25 points, contains a brief synopsis of your story and an excerpt. 
  •     Memoir--25 points, contains your memoir and a picture of you
  •     Author's note--25 points, Reflect on your progress this semester, the different projects we’ve done, and your writing as a whole. 

Also included:
  • 25 points for grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. These projects should be finished, polished pieces with NO errors in this area.
  • 25 points for overall work effort. Project is well put together and it is obvious time was taken to make this a polished project.

Final is due on  FRIDAY at the end of the hour!!
Presentations--Monday and Tuesday

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday, 4.28: Superhero directions!

Superhero Story directions:

Choose from one of these options:

  • Origin story--what happened to make you a superhero?
  • An adventure story of your character "saving the day"
  • A story of how you got a sidekick
  • A story of a fight between you and your nemesis
  • Or an analysis of your character--a description, etc. 

Should be 2 pages, turned in by BEGINNING of hour on Monday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wednesday, 4.27: Superhero plans!

It's time to start building your superhero character! After thinking about your strengths and your weaknesses, it's time to start!

Remember, this should be based on YOU. Whatever you are good at becomes a power, somehow. Whatever you are bad at becomes your kryponite, somehow.

Decide the following:

Special Skills/Knowledge/Power
What do you look like? Disguise? Uniform?
Helpful gadgets/Vehicle
Where do you live/hide out?
Origin Story
Other Details to include?

Post this to your blog. Either a list, or a web, or a chart...something that show your plans! 

Something to think about as you build this character, if you want: think about these colors, and how can you implement these colors in your costume/vehicle, etc.?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday, 4.26: Personality Profiles

Today, I want you to do the following steps. Make sure this is finished before you come to class tomorrow.

1. Take Myers-Briggs personality test to find your personality type...It's quite a few questions, but don't analyze too much and go through all the questions.

2. Now, on your blog, put your findings from the your quizzes, and then  make a list of your strengths and weaknesses that you see from your results.

My results:

Myers-Briggs: I'm an ISFJ--Introverted Sensing Feeling Judging--"The Nurturer"

This is fun to look at after you have your code: Myers-Briggs Types in Pop Culture

My strengths:
1. Loyal
2. A good friend
3. Fast learner
4.  Kind hearted
5. Responsible
6. Dependable
7. Good/fast reader
8. Trustworthy

My weaknesses:
1. Loyal to a fault
2. Too critical of self
3. Keep things bottled up inside
4. Uncomfortable in large groups
5. Hard time saying "no"
6. Overly sensitive
7. Sometimes disorganized and overwhelmed
8. Judgmental

Monday, April 25, 2016

Poetry Monday! Begin Superhero unit

Today, we're starting our superhero unit! I want you to read this poem first. 

Poem should be about:

  • What superhero power would you like to have? Can make up any power you want. What would you do with it? Advantages? Disadvantages? 
  • 10 lines
  • Remember, rough draft where TWO people read it during class, then post a final copy to your blog by MIDNIGHT Monday night.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Children's Book Plans

Thursday, 4.7

Thursday, 4/7-Friday, 4/13
    Work time in classroom with partners on book
     May need to work outside class as well
     Both partners must contribute equally
Thursday, 4/21
    (no class Monday-Wednesday)
    Book is due completely finished at beginning of hour (100 points)
    Dress rehearsal
    Field trip to Lewis and Clark!
    Present children’s book (50 points)

    Appropriate for kids
    Three different literary devices
    Colorful illustrations
    Dominant trait of main character carried throughout
    Main character faces a problem that needs to be solved
    Simple sentences/short paragraphs
    Question or or other device to help move the reader to the next page at least once
    Neatness and creativity matters!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wednesday: outline children's book

Today, finish the outline of  your story. It’s important to outline this before you start. The page numbers and explanations will help you move your story along at a correct pace. Your story should be about 14 pages.

This is due before you come in Thursday. I'll look over it with you, and you can get started on your book.

We got a bus for the field trip today. Thanks for bearing with me yesterday while I tried to figure that out. :)